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    Fiscal Month

    Mark Graham

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to generate Fiscal month based on Fiscal week.


      1.     check monday of every week  - give the month number of monday's date -1  as fiscal month for the date

      Can someone please help?


      Any help is highly appreciated.

        • Re: Fiscal Month
          Stefan Wühl

          "give the month number of monday's date -1 "


          Do you want to actually the month number of Sunday (Month(Monday's date -1)), or do you want to range your month numbers from 0 to 11 ((month number of Monday's date)-1) ?


          Maybe like this (assuming weekstart is defined as Monday):


          Month( WeekStart( DateField) -1) AS MonthField




          Month(WeekStart(DateField))-1 AS MonthField