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    Ignoring specific data while summing

    Troy Strachan

      Hey guys, thanks in advance for any help and/or advice.


      I am trying to sum our sales data, where some items are not included in the overall tracked sales because it is raw material.


      Below is some dummy data. So what I am asking is how do I ignore "Part D" in the summation of the items sold. What I want is for that totaled number to be 14 NOT 15.


      The hitch, is that I still want the item to still be displayed, otherwise I would just define a restriction in the Load statement.



      Part A     123               1                    1.00          1.00

      Part B     456               2                    2.00          4.00

      Part C     789               3                    3.00          9.00

      Part D     122               4                    0.25          1.00