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    Master Calendar with multiple dates, linking table

    marcin szuberla



      I have been working on solving this issue for a long time, and have had no luck.

      I hope that one of you, experts, will be able to put me on the right track.


      When running the following script:



        $(vMinDate) + (RecNo()/24) + (IterNo() - 1) AS Date_Temporary,

      //would like to resident load a field here!!

      AUTOGENERATE 24 WHILE num($(vMinDate) + IterNo() -1) <= num($(vMaxDate));


      is it possible to perform "autogenerate 24" (hourly increments) and Resident Load at the same time?


      I need to generate missing hourly intervals for multiple date types, indicated by the DateType field, which I would like to resident load as part of the script.


      Or, maybe, there is another way of accomplishing something like this?


      Please help!