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    Does all accounting software provide same data format on Balace Sheet Table ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      i am aware of for sales order table in any accounting software it is base on same format , mean sales amount is log by date . So in compute the sales by month table , dimension using month and expression = sum(sales).


      i Notice that when get data from GL Table , to compute sales from GL table also similar approach .


      When come to Balance sheet analysis using GL table , I do notice in order to compute the Account receivable or current asset like stock , it base on accounting period one opening balance and accounting period 2 closing balance to compute the open balance for period 3.


      WWhich is a lot of different from sales order table.


      now my question is , does all accounting software also create the raw data table using the same format ?


      HOpe those expert have deal with GL table before share with me your insight pls .