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    Linking two signals with different time

      Hi Qlik

      I'm trying to create a combo graph that shows a value as a line for multiple sites then dots for when deliveries have come and picked produce.


      The problem I'm having is that the date is being drawn through different sheets one using [Signal Date] and [Value] the other [Pickup Date] and [Quantity]. They are both linked by a connection called [Site] .


      I can create a graph showing a line for signals and dots for pickups but am having trouble connecting them on one combo graph as the dates dont always match up (eg the signals are every 15mins but a delivery might have a time of 10:13).


      I have tried linking in data editor but combined with Site causes circular refs.


      I have tried a dimension called [Signal Date]&[Pickup Date] but is not in order and doesn't seem to work.



      Additionally as there are far fewer signals than deliveries it would be great if there were dots only where there was a delivery (as opposed to loads of dots on the zero line where we don't have Quanitity Values).



      Please let me know if  I can help describe it more in anyway.