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    Aggr & Rangesum

    Carolin Borchert



      If the following formula:


      Rangesum(Above(sum({$<OrderPhase_Desc = {'Revenue'}>}NettAmount$(vCurrency)), 0,rowno())))


      The issue is that I use it in a Pivot table having three dimensions: FYear, FPYearDesc and Transaction Date. What I want is that the Rangesum calculates the sum only within a FPYearDesc (means a period). Or in other words an aggregation within one month like this:

      Value of Day 1 = Day 1,

      Value of Day 1+2 = Value Day 2

      Values of Day 1+2+3 = Value Day 3


      What it does now is it does a calculation over all values no matter which FPYearDesc. How do I need to adjust it? I tried it with Aggr, but then I don´t get the value in each line...only in the first line then.


      Many thanks for your help!