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    Filtering Issues

    Omotayo Olokede

      This is the new Project after removing my OnOpen Trigger @Sunny T

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          Stefan Wühl

          Have a look at my last reply to your original thread:


          You are using different fields in your pivot table chart as dimension (MONTH_NAME) and in your multi box (CUST_CREATED_MONTH)


          Your data model is quite complex, these two fields are linked by some tables and synthetic keys.


          That's probably why your filter in the list box in CUST_CREATED_MONTH  won't filter just the columns, but will affect the expression value.


          Try using CUST_CREATED_MONTH as dimension in your chart instead of MONTH_NAME and as expression


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            Sunny Talwar

            I think you issue is here:




            You are making a selection in CUST_CREATED_MONTH, but your dimension is MONTH_NAME. Two of the observations (when Store Name = Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall) are not aligning up here. Jun -> 02 for CUST_ID 5000596 and Jun -> 05 for 5000729. I am sure this must be the reason for the count to change based on selections. If you make selection in Month_name the observation count should not change.


            Does this make sense?

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              Stefan Wühl

              And as a side note, please try to keep the discussion within a single thread.


              I think this is at least the third post for the same topic, posted at different places and not providing context (e.g. by using links to the original discussion).


              This is probably because you haven't found a way to attach files to the original thread, but this is possible:

              Uploading a Sample

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                Omotayo Olokede

                thank you for your response.

                will try that now

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                  Omotayo Olokede

                  Woow, You guys are the best...

                  its working perfectly. All i did was that i used the same filter crieteria as my dimension

                  Created_month was the same i used in the Dimension and it worked perfectly....

                  Thank you. Even my Boss is happy with me...


                  Check on you guys later... but i want to be an expert in Qlikview, How can you help me achieve that?