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    Assign Named Cal

    isaac li


      If I Allow license lease, then assign some one a Name Cal. And that guy open the document from the server with Client Version, could he modify the script of that doc?

      And the second question, what will happen based on the following scenario:

      1. unselect allow license lease and allow dynamic CAL assignment both, what will happen?

      2. Just select Allow license lease, then assign cal.

      Whether assigned the licenses will be borrowed, it means the license will be bound to specific name and machine?




        • Assign Named Cal

          In a Named CAL if he on going to server he can make changes to script.

          Only when he is going through browser changes are not permitted. In this case all named CAL will be working as a developer and can make changes in application.

          you can assign licenses on any basis that is either Machine name or User name