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    Gourav Sikka

      Hi Team,


      I have a requirment.i am sharing a snapshot. When i click on 1775 then it make report form where 1775id show....Same i click on 63 it make same report where 63 id show in place of 1775....same as 564 same as1712,333,552,,, But only one report make....

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          Manuel Capella

          Hi Gourav,

          First you need to create a variable.

          On your text box, make 4 actions.

          1.- Set value to the variable: ='('&Concat(Aggr(If(YourConditionsHere,YourField),YourField),'|')&')'

          2.- Select on field, with this expression: =$(YourVariableName)

          3.- Launch Report

          4.- Clear Your Field Selections