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    NPrinting: using a set expression in an imported filter

    Jurgen Wouters

      In our database each customer can have more then one CustomerNumber. Each CustomerNumber can have a different CustomerName attached to it.

      eg. CustomerNumber     CustomerName

           123                          TheCustomer

           124                          TheCustomer ltd

           125                          TheCustomer (London Office)

      To easily select all accounts at once, we've added a 'Customer' field in our data warehouse that will show the same name for all records.

      Unfortunately, due to the logic used (and which cannot be changed) this name is not fixed and can change between reloads.

      To filter the correct customer in NPrinting I first created a filter using the formula:


      This will select the unique name of the Customer based on one of the CustomerNumber's. The problem I now have is that I want to be able to import that filter from Excel. But if I put the filter like that in Excel I get the following in my filter in NPrinting


      So everything behind the '<' is gone. I assume this is because NPrinting tries to interpret is as a keyword like 'Numeric' or 'Evaluate'.

      I've tried escaping the symbols by using a backslash (\) or by doubling it (<<) but this doesn't work and I can't find anything about this on the internet.


      Is there a special syntax I need to use or is there another way to do this?