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    Automatic Reload and macro execution

    Matteo Fioroni

      I'm in troubles with macros!

      I've setted up a qlikview application (very simple).

      I've triggered a macro script after reload.

      If I reload the application all works fine and the macro is excuted.

      Now I need to automate the reload and macro execution, so I've writed a .bat file that reload the document (with /r and /nosecurity options). When I lunch the .bat file the document seems to be reloaded but the execution stall at the macro point (the sheel prompt seems to be inactive after reload).

      I've also tried with publisher, but doesn't work...

      The macro I use simply send a mail.

      How can I automate the reloading and macro executing processes?


      Thank You in advance for your help.



        • Automatic Reload and macro execution


          I have faced the same situation like this. When you reload the application, it sends the mail but when you automate the application through schedulers, it will just reload the application but will not execute the Macro.

          Use a variable in your batch file and use that in the macro execution.

          "c:\Program Files\QlikView\QV.exe" /r /vbatch_flag=1 c:\reports\Inventory.qvw

          First time just reload the application and set the variable in the macro that if the value satisfies, then and only it will send the mail.


          Second time Use the above script that will send the variable value.

          IMP Run the Macro on the Opening of the Secong time Application.