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    Returned Data Formatting

    Sylvain Lebert



      I loaded the data repository, in this case a Nomenclature Section, which appear to disrupt Qlik Sense restitution.


      following example:


      I support two different code section:

      - An Article '000002' code

      - Another item code '0000002'.


      => In a PivotTable, the return is then made in the same article code '0000002'


      It seems that by default Qlik performs a kind of "lpad" values. Is it possible to avoid this?


      Thank you for your help.




      Note: Title translated to English by Community Moderator as a courtesy.

        • Re: Returned Data Formatting
          Stefan Wühl

          That's because QS is taking these values as number, 2, and Qlik can only store a single text representation per number value, the first one in load order.


          If these two values need to be kept as distinct values, try to use text() function when loading the values in:



               Text(Article) as Article,