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    Execution of Script Failed. Reload Old data?  Error message

      I am trying to load multiple sheets from an Excel 2010 file with the following script - this script seems to work for many people in the community.

      The script windows shows that all the lines have been fetched.  However, after that I get an error message "Execution of Script Failed. Reload Old Data?"

      I checked and I do have read / write access to the folder.

      I closed all existing QV.exe from the task manager (even restarted the machine a few times!)

      I created a new .qvw file, inserted the script and received the same error.


      LET vFilePath = 'C:\Qview\ALM_ALCO_PACK\trial'; 
      FOR EACH file in FileList('$(vFilePath)\*.xlsm');  // Loops each excel file in the given Folder
      //In order to get the file information from SQLtables command making use of the ODBC connection format
      ODBC CONNECT64 TO [Excel Files;DBQ=$(file)];

      SQLtables;  // Loads all sheet names in the Excel file.
      FOR index = 0 to NoOfRows('SheetNames')-1  // Loops for each sheet in the Excel file.
      LET sheetName = PurgeChar(PurgeChar(Peek('TABLE_NAME', index, 'SheetNames'), Chr(39)), Chr(36));

      Load * ,
        FileBaseName()as File,
        FileDir() as Dir,
        FileName() as File_Name,
        '$(sheetName)' as Sheet_name
      From $(file)(ooxml, embedded labels, table is [$(sheetName)]);
      NEXT index
      DROP TABLE SheetNames;

      I am also attaching the excel file i was trying to load.

      Please help.