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    Count Distinct numbers using FirstSortedValue

    Alan Farrell

      Hi All,


      I am trying to do a count using the below expression


      =AGGR(count ({<DataValue = {"True"}, ParameterChildName = {"SigPod_AirTest_1_Status.Test_Passed"}, EntryTimestamp = {'$(=MIN(EntryTimestamp))'}>} distinct [Serial Number]),EntryTimestamp)


      The result returns 1


      should I be using FirstSortedValue in the Set Expression


      I am trying to count the number of Serial Numbers where the Data Value is True and the ParameterChildName = SigPod_AirTest_1_Status.Test_Passed and I want to only count the Serial Numbers for the first Entrytimestamp as there can be multiple.

      I understand I can count the distinct Serial numbers using DataValue and ParameterChildname, but I need to inlude only the first instance of each EntryTimestamp.

      I hope you can help