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    QV Server10 Logout button



      We are using QV10 Server and we have a problem with our Access Point. After some time of inactivity of a user, the connection is lost and no applications are shown on the Access Point. There is however no login or logout possibility. After closing all browsers, still no applications are shown.

      I see the following code in the file index.htm:

      <a href="#" avq="action:.Logout" style="display: none;"><span avq=".LogOff_text">Logout</span></a>

      The Logout button however is not shown, also if I remove "display: none". Therefore I'm not sure if this Logout button would work, even if it would be visible.

      I would like the following questions to be answered:

      - How can I make the Logout button visible?

      - How can I prevent users from losing their connection?

      - If the Logout button is visible, will Logging out and Logging in resolve the "Lost connection" problem?


      Below are some settings which can be usefull to answer my questions:

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