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    FOR-NEXT with NOCONCATENATE LOAD * resident Actuals

    Paul Mingels



      I'm already struggling for a while with next problem.


      I'd like to load 2 QVDs in FOR - NEXT load, so I can look per day(in the QVD) what values are matching with the other QVD.

      Now the trick is also to do this Backwards, So for instance running from 31st of May towards the 1st.

      This I've arranged.


      Now, let's say the script has to load 1 month, the FOR - NEXT statement has to checkup 31 times both QVDs and load a part of that data into a new table.


      This I have now...

      Load from QVD A all records with a determined date

      ...and left join QVD B to this where the date in QVD B is equal or higher than the record in QVD A



      What I can't figure out is how to EXCLUDE all the records from QVD B which already have been loaded.

      And also next to that I get for each run in the FOR - NEXT an extra table


      The outcome is wrong in this sense...

      • The actual date of 10.05.2016 should not have the Interactions joined with date (19/13/12.05.2016)
      • The actual date of 06.05.2016 should not have the Interactions joined with date (19/13/12/11.05.2016)


      So, in fact it should look like this... after the LOAD



      So, by loading the actual_date of 12.05.2016 you load already interactions date 12/13/19...

      And they should be EXCLUDED from the load of the actual date 10.05 and 06.05


      Attached the TEST QVW...

      Please have a look at the LOAD


      I hope I described it well enough...

      Otherwise, don't hesitate to ask me!