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    Regular Document Reloads - loss of macro functionality?

    Dominic Ayling

      Hi All

      I have 2 problems with a document.

      I have the server reloading the document every 2 minutes.

      In the document's properties on the Server tab I have "Server perfomrs refresh automatically without client action" ticked and "Enable Push from Server" and "Enable Dynamic Data Update" also ticked.

      On the document I have a button linked to a macro that does the classic fitzoomtowindow like:


      sub FixZoom
      End Sub

      When I have the document open, in the IE Plugin, when I first open it the button works fine. Then when the document refreshes after 2 mins I lose the zoom (problem 1 - it reverts to 100% zoom) and also even if I then click my macro button to fix the zoom it no longer works (problem 2)?

      If anyone has an idea I'd appreciate any advice you could give!