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    How to get dynamic value for diff dates while creating a row by using two rows in script

    Jyoti Ranjan


      I have two Tables.One is Balance And Another Is Liabilities.

      I have to peek last row of both the table and subtract them and create a new row.this row will added last after concatenating both the tables.Everything is working for single date but for multiple date it is giving same values.


      so how can i make it dynamic for dates.

      here are my codes.plz help me.


      Below the Balance Table

      let vYactual= PEEK('YActual');

      let vMactual= PEEK('MActual');

      let vBudget= PEEK('Budget');


      Below the Liabilities Table

      let vLYactual= PEEK('YActual');

      let vLMactual= PEEK('MActual');

      let vLBudget= PEEK('Budget');





      After concatenating both Balance and Liabilities Table

      below the resulting table

      let vYActual=$(vYactual)-$(vLYactual);

      let vMActual=$(vMactual)-$(vLMactual);

      let vBActual=$(vBudget)-$(vLBudget);


      $(vYActual) as YActual,

      $(vMActual) as MActual,

      $(vBActual) as Budget,

      'NET ASSETS' AS GLType,



      Resident Balance;



      Note:All table have same column name.