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    Supress leading zero/null values in bar chart

    Pavan Amin



      I am trying to create a bar chart with a monthly view. My table has dates, values and categories. I want to suppress leading zero/null values but keep zeros in between the first non zero value and last in bar chart. For example, if a person selects two categories, one that has values for Jan, Feb, and March 2015, and the other that has values from Aug, Sep Oct 2015, I want to show all months from Jan to Oct 2015.


      I created a Date table for all dates, but the issue is the table has all dates from Jan 2000. If I do show all values, it shows me all dates, if i do suppress at null, it removes the middle dates.  Is there a way to keep the middle dates and remove the dates before the earliest date in the selected categories, and the last date in the selected categories?