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    QV Server 10 reloads succesfully but sometimes fetches no rows from a table



      Recently I installed QV Small business server 10 over a windows 2008 server 32Bit. We jumped from server 9 over windows 2003 server SR2.

      Apparently everything is ok and the QEMC shows no error but, sometimes, reload fetches 0 rows. Logs say reload was succesful, they show correct amount of fields found on the table I tryed to reload but, as I said, fetched rows 0. A minute later you reload again and everything goes right, correct amount of rows appear. Then you do it all over again and it fetches no rows... it doesn't seem to respond to a pattern. It happens when you program a reload and it also happens when you reload manually from server. QV 10 Desktop client doesn't seem to have this problem, it never fails.

      We run a multibase database and we connect the whole thing through a Multibase ODBC conector provided by Transtools. We proved that the ODBC works fine, we loaded the same table through the ODBC connector into a "xlsx" file and it worked fine.

      We also proved that it's not a blocked table issue. The reload we try to run doesn't have any circular reference or synthetic tables or values. We stopped every process pointed to the table we try to reload to make sure table is not being used while we try to reload it.

      The machine where it's installed is new, Windows is also fresh and new.

      We runned out of ideas, the weird thing is that we have no error messages, logs say "Reload Succesful". ¿Any ideas?