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    Couleurs imposées des valeurs d'une dimension/Complulsory Sectors colors


      I just discovered Qlik and I found it absolutely amazing but as a newbie, I looking for an answer to a very (I guess) simple question :

      I have a data field ( extracted from an XLS file) that can takes 1 of 4 states (NAC,ACC,STD,STP) .

      I created a sectored  graphic based on that field , the measure is the number of occurrence of each state (NAC,ACC,STD,STP).

      According to my company color chart, regardless of the measure, NAC sector should be always RED,ACC sector should be always yellow,STD should be always blue and STP sector shoould be always green.


      So far I haven't found how to set these colors .

      Any help would be much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.