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    In context of For Each ... FileList(), how to make NoConcatenate

    Atsushi Saijo

      Hi Gurus,


      In the context of For Each vFileLlist FileList (..path..) .... Next, how could I make the loaded table NoConcatenate?


      I must be able to load first loop as NoConcatenate, and second onwards as Concatenate (..first table..).




      For Each vFileList FileList (C:\Test\*xlsx)

      Test: LOAD *

      from vFileList (xlsx.....)

      Next vFileList


      *Please assume: the excel files in C:\Test\*xlsx has 90% common field names.


      So this will create Test table. However, if we have to refactor long ETL process created by other people, and need to add single table during ETL process only (not used for end users), and if we have had some common field name inadvertently, then QlikView will concatenate automatically to the previous table.


      Would you possibly advise if there are any way to force NoConcatenat-ed table in this context?