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    Cannot find QV Controls


      I've just installed Workbench, and have Visual Studio 2010.

      I have added the QlikwebWorkbench.dll but the only controls which have been added are the Pointer and QVObject.

      Where can I get all the other controls, like I've illustrated in the picture?

      I have been following this: http://www.qlikwebworkbench.com/qwwdocs/AddingQWWToVSToolbox.ashx


      Any help would be appreciated!


        • Cannot find QV Controls

          Hi There,

          It's likely that in Version 10 of the Workbench, possible even 9 (although I haven't checked) that they now just use one workbench object for all qlikview objects. Basically when you put down that object, there is a drop down property attached to it, which allows you to pick whether you want a line chart, bar chart, pivot table etc.


          Paul Dutton

          Bellis-Jones Hill