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    Where clause as a chart filter

      Hi there,


      I've been trying out qlik sense for a few days and have got the gist some basics like;

      - adding datasets from an an ODBC database

      - creating charts and cross tabs etc

      - using filter panes to interrogate the above


      What I'd like to do is assign a filter to an object like a chart, crosstab.

      An example would be;

      - Let's say the dataset I load consists of the fields age, name and country.

      - I add a bar chart to qlik sense, add the name as the dimension and count(age) as the measure, but I only want to see records from a particular country as a fixed filter / condition/


      An SQL example would look like

      Select name, count(age)

      From dataset

      Where country = 'USA'


      I might then add a 2nd chart to the same sheet but filter on a different country, thereby showing different results from the same dataset.


      What are my options for achieving this is Qlik Sense?