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      I would appreciate if someone can help.

      I have a generator qvw which gets reloaded three times a day depending on an ETL batch.There is an Interface qvw which needs to be depedent on this generator.If I make this Interface depepent on generator then my interface is also going to be reloaded three times a day which I don't want.

      I want to relaod the interface once in a day just after the generator gets reloaded for the first time.(everyday generator's reloading time differs depending on ETL batch).

      What can be done so that Interface gets reoladed once even though generator will be reloaded three times.(I am using Qlikview 9 SR6)


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          Sunil jain

          if you use batch file for reload then this issue will be resolved.

          you have to make 3 batch file . and you can add interface app in only single batch file.


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              Thanks Sunil.I would appreciate if you can give more details on this.I am new to qlikview.What code I need to put in the batch file?How can I make the Interface to be dependent on single batch file?

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                  Sunil jain

                  Dear Pooja,

                  pls write following code in text file in save with .bat extension.

                  1)path of QV.exe /r path of applicatin

                  you can put multiple application in single text file.

                  in your case pls put interface application in only one batch file which you want to execute ones.


                  batch1: ETL Application

                  batch2 : ETL Application

                  batch3 :- ETL Application + pls put interface application in this .bat File


                  then schedule the application with help of window schedule.


                  if you still require any help pls reply me.