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    Unable to see the Tabs of sheet on IE after using ZoomToFit Extension for auto adjust of screen

      Hi all,

      I am using ZoomTOFit extension available on the community..


      I have used ZoomTOFit window extension available on community for adjustment of qvw according to the screen size of the device.

      that extension is working fine on google chrome but the sheet looks blurred when I open the access point for the first time, but it will look clear when i click on another sheet and click the sheet again, except that there is no other problem on qlikview..

      but, on internet explorer, sheet looks fine and it also adjust according to the size of the screen, but "i am unable to see the tabs of the sheet ". could you please give me any other extension that can work well on internet explorer.

      I have no idea, about the extension, i just downloaded it from the community and learned to how to make use of it on the desktop and its setting on QV server..


      Please look at the image below showing the size of tags on the sheet after using extension

           serac tabs ss.PNG


           serac tabs ss.PNG


      stalwar1 gwassenaar






      Thank you In advance