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    few questions in qlik sense

    Rajneesh Singh

      Hi friends,

      I am coming from Qlikview development. Now am trying my hands on Qlik Sense. So I am thought process is almost similar as we have in Qlikview while developing the dashboards.

      It seems that it is wrong. I need to think in different way while working on qlik sense.

      I have few questions on which I need your expert help"

      1. I can not see any thing like Document Setting which we have in Qlikview. So how we can write Triggers ate field level, at variable level and On Open and Post Open the document as we can write in Qlikview.

      2. How can we hide objects on some condition in Qliksense

      3. Is there any way we can write Actions in text box object in qliksense as we write in Qlikview

      4. I can see we have lot of extensions for our qlik sense. Is there any place where I can get all the valid extensions.


      I have lot of more questions. I will post them once I will not find any answers for them.


      Please help me to get the answers for these questions.