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    QliK Sense - copying/publishing app

    Steve Zagzebski

      I am brand new to Sense.


      I have an application that was created by somebody else.


      I need to:    1. copy it  2. make modifications 3. Publish it under the same name.


      I realize this is basic but I don't want to start experimenting in a production environment.


      Thanks for any help,



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          Muliady Hartono

          Hi zagzebski,


          1. In QMC, under the "Apps" section, select the app, then at the bottom of page, click "more actions", then "export".
          2. Once it is exported, you can modify in QS Desktop.
          3. Once you modify it, then in the QMC "Apps" section, "Import" the app
          4. in QMC "Apps", select the app, and click "Publish". Select the "Stream", and check "replace existing app", and select the app you want to overwrite, and follow through the remaining instructions.


          At step 2, you can also import the unmodified app, and make changes on the QS server hub under "My work" section. Then you follow step 3 as mentioned above.


          Hope this helps.

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            Phaneendra Kunche

            Assuming you have content admin rights on QMC.


            1. Go to QMC --> Apps --> Click on the app that u want to modify

            2. Select "More Actions" --> Duplicate

            3. Now go back to hub --> My Work and make modifications (Use the same userID you used on QMC or else you have to change the owner of the app in QMC/Apps section)

            4. QMC --> Apps --> Click on the app that u have modified --> Publish --> Select stream --> check replace exsting app --> select the app you want to replace and click on OK.