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    Deleting pre-configured access point on iOS app

    Sylvain Tremblay



      Is there any way to delete the pre-configured mobile.qlikview.com access point on the iOS app ?

      It is annoying that it defaults to this one whenever I open the app. I want to go to my own access point instead. I don't see a way of selecting a default access point either.


      Thanks !

        • Re: Deleting pre-configured access point on iOS app


          as far as I know there is no possibility to remove this pre-configured access point.

          This is really annoying and I hope there will be an update soon.

          It is so user-unfriendly! When you start the app, you are allways prompted credentials for mobile.qlikview.com or you are getting an athentification error. The user has to change his accesspoint every single time!


          Qlik: Please remove the default access point! Thank You!