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    list of filename - no subfolders, current folder only

      Many posts exist on how to find all files like *.htm in a given directory.  For example: Load list of files in a Folder


      I have a directory that has (say) a thousand saved web pages.  I need the list of *.htm in the high-level directory only, not all the subdirectories.  I could pull back everything and throw out the information from the subdirectories, but the time waste in scanning 1,000 subdirectories unnecessarily is extraordinary!


      How can I pull back all/desired files from the top-level directory only?!  (In Windows 7 you can use a '-folder' option to prevent subdirectory search but can't seem to find something similar here.)

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          Stefan Wühl

          Does the wildcard in the filename really leads to QlikView scanning all subfolders?

          Not sure about that.


          But using a FOR EACH vFile IN FILELIST(*.htm) ...NEXT

          should only scan the working directory.



          For each..next ‒ QlikView

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            Looked again at FOR EACH... NEXT approaches I looked at before posting originally.  My issue was not commenting out the 'for each Dir...' which not surprisingly recursively looped through all subdirectories.  <sigh!>


            Thanks swuehl for the response.


            sub DoDir (Root)

            for each Ext in 'htm'

               for each File in filelist (Root&'\*.' &Ext)


                  '$(File)' as Name,

                  SubField ('$(File)', chr(92), -1) as NameNoPath,

                  FileSize( '$(File)' ) as Size,

                  FileTime( '$(File)' ) as FileTime

                  autogenerate 1;    

               next File

            next Ext


            /* for each Dir in dirlist (Root&'\*' )

               call DoDir (Dir)

            next Dir */


            end sub


            call DoDir ('C:\Dir1\Dir2')