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    Script generated KML fields with coordinate ?

    Stephane DUGUET

      Hi All,


      In Qlik Sense it look like it's possible to load a KML in the script to overlay the standard map with forms.


      I've in my data some coordinates, longitude and latitude for a start and End points, and I've the feeling that it should be possible to create "lines" in the KML sense in the script to make this dynamic (new coordinate = new lines without having to build a KML file).


      Has anyone done that already ?


      I will keep trying, if some has done that...



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          Stephane DUGUET



          Partial answer


          just add a field in the script where the coordinates are :


          ,'[[[['& OrigLon &CHR(44)& OrigLat &']'&CHR(44)

            &'['& DestLon &CHR(44)& DestLat &']]]]' as Line


          and add a command


          TAG FIELDS "Line" WITH $geopolygon;


          that create lines on the map.

          Warning : if there is too many polygons, the map is not displayed. I started with more than 6000, it did not work, with around 600 it's working.

          But the line is black, and the indicator have no effect.


          I suppose that I can the same way create a 4 corner polygon, a line thicker by few fraction of degree. That will allows to have a filling that will change color.

          But it look like messy as I need to calculate an offset that depend on the angle of the line... I don't even want to try.


          Any better idea ?