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    license lease from server issue


      We are currently using a separate authentication application (called Tivoli) to authenticate the user credentials and pass that information on to the Qlikview server in the http header.

      Once the user has logged in, we allow for dynamic license assignment and so a license gets assigned to that user. The actual license name looks like this: TIVOLI\MDAMIANO

      The problem arises when a user needs to borrow a license from the server for development purposes (or to open a file created by another user) , by doing File-> Open In server. The only way this seems to work is when we use the NT Identity, which then assigns another license to that user based on the domain. So 1 user can consume 2 licenses which is not ideal.

      I though the Alternate Identity should allow me to enter my existing Tivoli user name which already has a license assigned to it, but it doesn't work. When I enter my Tivoli user name and choose Alternate Identity, the software seems to connect to the server, but after opening a file from the server, it still shows 'Personal Edition'.

      The string I am entering in the" connect to server" box is:



      Also tried:



      Any help/ideas would be appreciated!