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    Edit Pivot Table

    Cassandra Baqir

      I am trying to edit an NP report in NP 16 in which another person created a Pivot Table. I am having trouble updating some of the fields. and the calcs in the QV file are not matching the calcs in the NP test file.


      I've seen some tutorials on creating a Pivot Table but nothing about editing. It appears they use hidden sheets?





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          Avinash R

          Yes, In order to make the report user friendly they will be hiding the source sheet i.e from which the Pivot table was built . If you want to edit you need to edit the source sheet then the changes will automatically reflect in the Pivot table. otherwise you can try build your own source sheet the and can achieve the desired result



          hope this helps you

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              Cassandra Baqir

              I'm beginning to think that perhaps my template folder isn't in the right spot. I keep my dev nsq files on the server but have a local folder for xls templates that I copy up to the server when pushing to prod. I'm seeing discrepancies between my test file and what comes out in a prod run, however. I think I remember that the test function doesn't cycle but I don't have cycles on this file - only filters. Not sure what to do.

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              Carlos Londono

              Hi Cassandra,


              The NPrinting template should have a hidden tab.


              Message me and we can discuss.