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    Is it necessary to restart the Qlik sevices now and then for better qmc performance?

      Dear All,


      Recently, I faced an issue with my task schedulers. The tasksin qmc that regularly update my various applications suddenly started working slowly. It was so slow that a task which was taking 3hrs to complete was suddenly taking 6 hrs. There were no errors also in log files and the only difference  in logs was that  'Reloading' piece now runs for about 6 hrs instead of 3 hrs. This case was similar for all the schedulers.
      I did quite a bit of research but couldn't conclude anything significant. Finally, I restarted the qlik services in server and from then on everything was back to normal.What could be the explanation for this?


      I would like to know that is it imperative to restart your services after a certain period? Is it necessary to include restarting of services in your regular maintenance activities?