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    set field selection

    lingling Guo

      Hi, does qlik sense have function such as "set field selection" ?

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          Tresesco B

          Perhaps, a trigger-action thing you are asking about. If so, qlik sense doesn't support that. What is your actual requirement scenario?

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              lingling Guo

              I have create a drop down list and would like to connect it to my data. for example, when user choose '3 Mths', the start data will appear only the dates that is within next 3 month., I have try the following code, but it does not work







              if(GetFieldSelections(Period)='3 Mths',[Start Date] = {'$(='>=' & Date(today(2), 'D/M/YYYY') &'<=' & Date(AddMonths(today(2),3), 'D/M/YYYY'))'}

              if(GetFieldSelections(Period)='6 Mths',[Start Date] = {'$(='>=' & Date(today(2), 'D/M/YYYY') &'<=' & Date(AddMonths(today(2),6), 'D/M/YYYY'))'}

              if(GetFieldSelections(Period)='9 Mths',[Start Date] = {'$(='>=' & Date(today(2), 'D/M/YYYY') &'<=' & Date(AddMonths(today(2),9), 'D/M/YYYY'))'}

              if(GetFieldSelections(Period)='1 Yr',[Start Date] = {'$(='>=' & Date(today(2), 'D/M/YYYY') &'<=' & Date(AddMonths(today(2),12), 'D/M/YYYY'))'}

              if(GetFieldSelections(Period)='2 Yrs',[Start Date] = {'$(='>=' & Date(today(2), 'D/M/YYYY') &'<=' & Date(AddMonths(today(2),24), 'D/M/YYYY'))'}, [Start Date])))))