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    Beatriz Manjón

      Hello all,


      I am having difficulties when obtaining a result in a formula. The main problem is that I would like to obtain the distribution of a product"x" throught in a store taking into account all the visits to that store.


      Please find attach a sample of my problem.


      A20151030IN STORE
      A20160129IN STORE
      A20160222NOT IN STORE
      A20160303NOT IN STORE
      A20160314NOT IN STORE
      A20160404NOT IN STORE
      A20160421NOT IN STORE

      Basically I would like to obtain in the formula  2/7 when calculating the product distribution, but I am obtaining 2/2 and I have to get a 7 in the denomitaor, counting all the visits.


      The denominator formula I am using is the next one:


      sum(aggr( count( distinct STORE), $(= GetCurrentField(Product)),STORE,VISIT DATE))  being (Product)) a ciclic group where I have different charasteristics of the product.


      Could you please give any tip or advise about how this formula could work in order to take into account all the visit in the denominator?


      Thanks in advance