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    NPrinting - problem with logic (is there a best practise...?)

    Michelle Tapper

      Hi all,


      We have a customer who uses NPrinting quite a lot. They have one large, complex .nsq project and this results in different problems. We havn’t built it and we think it is too complex and it results in problems when the job runs now and then.


      I enclose a picture for the .nsq scheme and some explanations of the logic.

      The file has approximately 100 filters and recipients. One recipient with one mail address is duplicated as a recipient due to different filters. Both filters and recipients are reused in different combinations of dimensions.

      Say we have approximately 25 unique mail-recipients (which results in 100 recipients). They will get reports with different filters. A single recipient can be named recipient A_filterX, recipient A_filterY etc. and will therefore be 2 and more different recipients in our recipient list.

      The filters themselves have different combinations of dimensions.

      Is there some kind of best practice in how to structure the different entities within a .nsq-project or how to reduce the Project?

      Thanks for your help!!!