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    Trying to understand stories and exports

    Frédéric Villemin



      When I show Qlik Sense to my users, they usually are not crazy about it until they see the stories and the exports to Power Point !

      That's funny but for the moment the only thing better in Qlik Sense seems to be that reporting feature ..


      But I have difficulties to tell them exactly how it works. And I think it is because it is bugged. Maybe you can help me to know exactly what's happening with stories.


      Qlik Sense Desktop 2.2.4 : I have created a story on the HelpDesk Management example so that anybody can try.


      I have removed all filters. 72 High Priority Cases, 142 Medium.

      I have taken a Snapshot of the Open Cases vs Duration scatter chart.

      Then create a new Story called My Test

      First Sheet is a simple sheet with only my Snapshot. I assume it will never change again because it's a Snapshot

      I then add a Sheet Left Aligned and I choose the Dashboard sheet.

      Now I save and I'm going back to the app

      I select IT Infrastructure (only 38 HP Cases and 91 MP Cases)

      And I go back to my Story to add a third sheet left aligned with Dashboard again

      It works great, I have the Dashboard sheet twice with different filters, that's what I want.


      I save everything.

      Now I launch my story in Qlik Sense, it works great with all three sheets.


      But if I export to PPT or PDF, both Dashboard sheets have now the same values, the result of the latest filter (IT Infrastructure)

      I feel it is a bug, because Qlik Sense always shows a different filter for each Sheet.


      Do you have this behaviour too ?