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    Memory limit to send to excel


      I have a client that wants to send large reports to excel, but when we try to do it, QlikView is disconnected (lost connection). I think it's a problem with timeout or memory available for this purpose. Is there a way to change these parameters to allow users to download their files?
      The same problem arises in send to excel or export to csv option.

      We are using qv 9 R5 as Ajax interface on IE.

      I thank in advance for your help,


        • Memory limit to send to excel
          Vlad Gutkovsky


          You can try to play with the Export Memory limits in QEMC --> System --> QlikView Servers --> Performance. In addition, you can try to create the following DWORD registry value: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\QlikTech\QlikView\Settings 7\ExportMemoryLimit. This value should be set in bytes I believe.


            • Memory limit to send to excel

              Hello Vlad,

              Thanks a lot!

              I try these option but is not working either.... i look a strange behavoir... seems to be something related to the time, because any report that i try to download, if the export delay more than 1 minute, then the sesion is closed by the server... i review the session time out and is set on 3600 seconds.... do you know if is there another place where this parameter must be set? or is there another parameter to set this?

              The parameter on the performance tab are set on:

              Calculated Formulas = 3072 Kb

              Export = 1024 Mb ( is the maximun that the qvs let me set here)

              Sort By Exp = 2048 Mb

              Working Set = Low 70%, High 90%, Cache 10%

              Object Calculation Time Limit = 36000

              Max Symbols = 100

              Allow document autoload = Checked

              Max Num Concurrent Sessions = 5000

              Possible session timeout = 3600

              Max Inactive session timeout = 0

              Mas Total session timeout = 0

              And the DWORD ExportMemoryLimit = 20000 (decimal)

              Thanks a lot again!