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    Nprinting Report

    Neha Srivastava

      Hi All,


      I have a scenario where my dashboard has 10 objects. out of which 2 objects are conditional, so when I am creating nprinting report do I need to create 2 templates or can I place it in single ppt based on some conditions?


      thanks in anticipation.

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          zhen pan

          if you want them to always show on your report, you can just copy the two objects in a hidden sheet but remove the conditional hiding. In your Nprinting, you use these objects.

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              Agnivesh Kumar

              Alex i think she is asking when we adding the chart in our report , that can be conditional or not ?


              Suppose , we have 2 charts , and based on selection in flag chart1 is showing and other selection chart2 is showing in dashboard.


              How can i do dynamically

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              Thomas Cullinane

              If possible the conditional could be put in the dimension/expressions of the chart to show/hide them rather than the whole chart. slightly limited by the chart type and style then will need to be similar, but they are likely to be anyway.


              Otherwise I would say separate templates and a conditional on the report in nprinting would be the way to go