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    Populate missing information

    Todd Lambourne

      I have reports for roughly 125 offices.

      In my qlikview report I have one table with information about all 125 offices. This information is static and rarely changes.

      I have a second Fact table that comes from weekly reports I receive.

      The issue I am having is that the reports come only with the offices that have data to share. I need to populate a zero for the offices not listed.


      My office list are driven by office number. It is not a straight 1 through 125 but there are 125 numbers that each refer to the office.


      The report I get is two columns: Office number and the another number field but this report only has lines for the offices that have a number to report. If it is Zero then it doesn't appear on the report. Is there a way to populate a Zero for these missing offices so an average would be a true average rather than an average of when they report a number?


      Thanks in advance for the help,