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    Apps in the "My Work" folder

    Vladimir Komarov



      I need a Security Rules' expert advice:


      For some reason all users (that have Content Admin rights) on my system have access to all available apps in "My Work" stream.... I need them to have an access only to the apps that they are owning...


      I am trying to find a Security Rule that is responsible for that, but was unable to do it yet.


      Would appreciate an advice...




        • Re: Apps in the "My Work" folder
          Vincenzo Esposito

          This is not the standard behavior, someone has wrote a rule to allow Contsnt Admin to see everything. The best way to find out which rule allow this is using Audit tool in the QMC. You should audit users/Appa, in the result matrix you will see content admin users have access to WIP app. Clicking on the cell you should land on the rule(s) which allow that right