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    Using the Data Manager for Dates Formatted 'YYYYMMDD'

    Bob Fariss

      I am trying to use Qlik Sense Cloud to visualize data with various date fields formatted 'YYYYMMDD'


      When I Prepare Data in the Data Manager, it automatically recognizes these as dates and even displays that the Input Format is YYYYMMDD and the Display format is M/D/YYYY. The dates all look good until I load them. Then I get bad dates displayed in the app.


      I can add a Calculated field in the Data Manager using Date# and then format the display of that calculated field in the app with the Date function and it works; however, this duplicates my date fields, is somewhat clumsy,  and I have all these very useful autoCalendar fields that cannot be used..


      I tried to change the SET DATEFORMAT parameter but that did not change the data interpretation, only the display.


      Is there any way I can get the Data Manager to handle these date fields correctly?