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    Dimensions for Week over Week comparison in a Bar Chart


      I am am creating a bar chat showing a Week over Week comparison. My Expression 1 was created to only show data for the current week. The second expression was created to only show data for the prior week.


      However, I have my x-axis as CC_Week and it does not show the week number. I have also tried to change out the dimension for Week(CC_Date), but that does not seem to work as well. Please see my expressions below:


      Current Week:

      =Sum({1<CC_Date = {">=$(=Date(WeekStart(Max(CC_Date)), 'M/D/YYYY'))

                                            <=$(=Date(WeekEnd(Max(CC_Date)), 'M/D/YYYY'))"}>} [Answered])


      Prior Week:

      =Sum({1<CC_Date = {">=$(=Date(WeekStart(Max(CC_Date),-1), 'M/D/YYYY'))

                                            <=$(=Date(WeekEnd(Max(CC_Date),-1), 'M/D/YYYY'))"}>} [Answered])


      I would think that my final result would show two dates (or week numbers) on the x-axis.