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    Workbench installation.

      Hi all,


      Is it true that if you want to install Workbench, it has to be the same version as that of your QV Server.

      ie. Workbench 10 and QV Server 10.? Not QV Server 9 and Workbench 10?



        • Workbench installation.


          • Workbench installation.

            "Due to the architectural changes needed to support the new features in version 10 and to allow us to extend
            the QlikView Web Parts for SharePoint product into the future beyond version 10, QlikView Web Part for
            SharePoint version 10 is not compatible with any earlier release of QlikView Server (i.e. QlikView Server version
            9, 8.5, etc.). Likewise, SharePoint websites that contain version 9 or earlier QlikView Web Parts are not
            compatible with QlikView Server version 10."