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    Top Suppliers for 80% Spend

      Hello everyone, I'm very new to Qlik Sense, and I'd really appreciate help on a query that I have.


      I have these transactions data:


      Product ASupplier 12000
      Product ASupplier 21200
      Product ASupplier 3700
      Product ASupplier 4500
      Product ASupplier 5500
      Product ASupplier 6400
      Product ASupplier 7350
      Product ASupplier 8325
      Product ASupplier 9250
      Product ASupplier 10200
      Product BSupplier 12000
      Product BSupplier 21500
      Product BSupplier 3750
      Product BSupplier 1700
      Product BSupplier 2700
      Product BSupplier 3400
      Product BSupplier 4650
      Product BSupplier 5200
      Product BSupplier 6100
      Product CSupplier 1250
      Product CSupplier 2250
      Product CSupplier 3200
      Product CSupplier 4200
      Product CSupplier 5150


      I would like to create this following report in Qlik Sense (either using pivot table or table). I can't seem to get the last column, which is the count (distinct) of Suppliers contributing up to 80% of the spend for each Product.


      ProductSpend# of Suppliers (Distinct)80% Spend# of Suppliers (Distinct - 80% Spend)
      Product A64251051405
      Product B7000656403
      Product C105058403


      Could anyone please help advise me on what expressions should i use to get that last column? Many thanks in advance!