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    Working with time series



      I'm new with QlikSense and I want to use it to analyse time series data. In particular, I have the data in two tables: One with a seriesID and the description, and another with the seriesID, the date and the value. Both tables are related by the series ID

      I can't seem to make a simple chart or a gauge. I just wanto to graph the series, it shouldn't be that difficult but I can't find the way. I do not understand what I should put as dimension and as measure in the chart. For instance, I would like to graph the value against the date, but I can't select any of them. When I choose them QlikSense wants to sum them, or count, etc.


      I would also like a gauge that shows me the last value of a series, but again, I can only sum or count them.


      Any help will be very appreciated.