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    Triggering Multiple Month Selections

    Linda Pembroke


      I need to create a trigger for a single tab in my app that when one month is selected, the prior 3 months are automatically selected also. Is there a way to do this? My months are labeled as Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.


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          Manish Kachhia

          Consider that you have InvoiceMonth Field... If you have month field having different than InvoiceField, change name accordingly.


          Create an Alterante State

          Go to Document Properties - General Tab - Alternate States - Add - A


          Now go to Document Properties - Triggers

          Select InvoiceMonth from Field Event Triggers

          On Select

          Add Actions


          Selection - Select In Field





          Search String

          ='(' &    

          Month(MakeDate(Year(Today()), Max(InvoiceMonth)-2)) & '|' &        Month(MakeDate(Year(Today()), Max(InvoiceMonth)-1)) & '|' &       Month(MakeDate(Year(Today()), Max(InvoiceMonth))) & 


          Make sure you select A in Alternate State in Action Tab.

          Now Create InvoiceMonth List box and assign Alternate State A for it.

          Try to select any month.

          Let me know if you are not getting desired output.