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    What's the impact of stopping the maintenance plan?

      Just got the news, my employer stops the maintenance contract for QlikView and I was hired as a developer for it, granted I had no experience before (just +5 years databases modeling and maintenance and java dev) but it came quite natural, I just needed to add few extra concepts that didn't need before, and in few months I was already delivering something stable.


      Now I'm preparing for the Developer Cert,and I feel comfortable with the modeling part, the UI design is being done by another dev, but I'm playing the role of senior, so most of the formulas and advance features I taught him.


      Just to know if I need to worry for the mid long run, as I would like to pursue my career in that direction.


      Thanks in advance,

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          Peter Cammaert

          AFAIK maintenance plans only impact your entitlement to get new product releases and support from Qlik. Don't count on those after the maintenance plan end date.


          As your company will still be a Qlik customer, you can still order CALs or certification exams. But better safe than sorry: call your Qlik Partner to check it out.



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            Hi Peter,


            Thanks for your answer (I'll mark yours as correct), during the time I checked about the topic. From my company nothing changes for QlikView, we will still use it and work with it as for now (I guess that they want to save some extra cost because I'm keeping the system clean and ready, so they see no need to pay extra for it), the only problem is that the application gets stagnated, so if we need extra CALs we would have to pay the maintenance + the CALs, then the cost goes higher, and it will impact in any potential growth or new business area.


            About the courses and certificates, I'm not waiting for them so I'm investing myself in it (just live, I can't help it), but so far I can do it without problems, the only the live courses are a bit too far from my budget, but the online + practice are really life savers.