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    Resend daily reports YTD

      Hey guys,


      I had a report running daily. Turns out it needed to be modified - which I have done now. Problem now is that I really need to resend every daily report for the entire year to date.


      Is there any efficient way of doing this?


      Help would be much appreciated can't stand the thought of updating the SQL for every day, refreshing objects list resend and do this over and over...


      Best regards,


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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Why do you think you need to update the SQL? You should be able to define a where clause that selects all the records from the current year. No need to change that again. Perhaps one of these:


          SELECT * FROM somewhere WHERE DatePart('Year', MyDate) = DatePart('Year', GetDate())


          SELECT * FROM somewhere WHERE extract(year from MyDate) = extract(year from sysdate)

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              Ok. I need every date in a separate file. I was thinking if you could make like a cycle per date?

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                  Aran Nathanson

                  If you are using NPrinting 16.x or lower, you can use the report cycle function and select the date field for the cycle field.


                  This will build a file for every value of the date field.


                  This may or may not give you the same result as reloading the data for every day. What NPrinting will do is apply a selection for a date and generate a report with that selection applied. It then goes to the next value of date and repeats the process.


                  If you're using NPrinting 17.x, the report cycle feature hasn't been implemented yet.